What to expect during my visit to Kokopelli Animal Clinic?  As of Sunday, May the 1st, we will officially open our clinic doors back up to the public. We do still ask that you give us a call from the parking lot to let us know that you have arrived with your pet(s) just to ensure that we have an exam room ready for your visit. If you’d prefer for your services to remain curbside during your visit to Kokopelli, that is absolutely welcomed. Just make sure to mention that while we have you on the telephone line. Our doctor and staff are all very excited to welcome you and your pets back in!

Is Kokopelli Animal Clinic an Animal Shelter?  We are not an animal shelter and do not intake pets. Although, we do tend to see a good number of puppies and kittens available for adoption that we advertise on our Facebook page. http://facebook.com/kokopellianimalclinic

Does Kokopelli Animal Clinic accept walk-ins?  As we transition back to in-person office visits, we are appointment based only. If you happen to stop by without an appointment for your pet, we might be able to see you on an emergency basis depending on our availability. 

How many times does my puppy need to come in for vaccines?  Dr. Stowell’s best practices program requires 4 rounds of the Distemper Parvo Booster vaccine for puppies. 2 rounds of a de-wormer, and a rabies vaccine given alongside the first 3 distemper shots, Respectively. And with the final distemper shot, a bordetella shot, heartworm test and prevention, and of course a microchip. To achieve full immunity, there will be 4 visits until your puppy is considered “graduated” from their puppy vaccines.  If you have questions regarding pricing or scheduling, please feel free to give us a call at 505-315-2715 and we can email you our puppy plan!

What to expect if I would like to have my pet euthanized at Kokopelli Animal Clinic?  As we haven’t quite figured out how to make our pets live forever just yet, we do try our best to make your animals transition over the rainbow bridge, as comfortable and welcoming as possible. We work with Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services and try our best to meet any needs a family might be looking for when saying goodbye to their beloved pet. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 505-315-2715 if you’d like for us to go over all of the options we offer so we can find the one that works best for you.

Is Kokopelli Animal Clinic an emergency clinic?  Although we do offer many emergency services depending on your pets needs, we are a general practice, specializing in preventative medicine and not an emergency veterinary clinic. We recommend Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital for 24-hour emergency care.

How much will this visit to the veterinarian cost me?  Beyond the initial exam fee, we can promise nothing. An animal’s care is unique to each individual animal and the strengths or weaknesses they are dealt in life. Animal medicine is still medicine, and as such, can be a cheap check-up, or an expensive emergency. Our preventative medicine model is in place to build a relationship and medical record over time, to create the best health possible over the life of your pet. Vaccinations, dental cleanings, and regular checkups are the key to making sure our best pals stick around as long as possible. We are here to care for animals first, and in that goal we do our best to make sure the price reflects the cost of treatment to ensure the money spent, is done so on the pet’s upmost care. We are very much committed to transparency and with that said, you can always find our general procedure prices on our website!

Do your prices increase?  Each year on January 1st we increase our prices based on increasing costs and general inflation. Sadly we cannot offer the same prices year after year and keep up with the costs of running our business. As to the individual experience, the price is the cost of the services rendered, and does not change based on your credit or any other factor. Our prices are consistently updated on our website.


How often does my pet need to come in for an exam?  Just like with human medicine, it is in your pets best general health and well-being to have an exam preformed by a veterinarian each and every year. With that in mind, annual exams do need to be performed on a regular basis when your animal is taking any long-term medications, along with annual blood work.

Do you approve prescription (re)fills online or over the phone?  If your pet is taking any prescription medication or prescription food and you’re looking to purchase it outside of the clinic, you are welcomed to do so. However, Dr. Stowell does not feel comfortable approving prescriptions over the phone, fax or via email. We do ask that you request a physical paper copy of any written prescription that you may need for your pet, to then send off to the pharmacy of your choosing.