Preventative Medicine:

It is far cheaper and less painful to prevent sickness than to react to crisis. We incorporate multiple technologies to ensure your pet is protected from disease, properly tagged in case they get lost, and regularly checked to ensure our care is growing with them. We want to make your forward plan today, tailored to what your pet needs.


Emergency Care:

From severe cuts or broken bones to eyes looking kinda funny, consider us as your first stop when the fur baby “ain’t doin’ right”. With a state of the art surgical suite including a heated surgical table and cutting edge technologies such as electrocautery, we have the tools and the talent to give your best friend the best chance. 


Or Just a Visit:

We encourage current and potential clients to come by and let their animal have a few treats and get some pets from our friendly staff outside of their regular checkups or any procedural visits. We encourage social visits because we want your animal to know we aren’t just about poking and prodding, but affection as well. Stop by for a treat, some pet snuggles and conversation!


We Love Rescues:

In fact we love them so much that if you rescue an animal from the pound or an approved rescue organization, your first exam is free! Take advantage and save some money while giving a pet in need the stroke of luck they truly deserve.


Spays and Neuters:

Did you know neutering your male pet completely eliminates his chances to get testicular cancer? Makes sense right? Spaying your female pet can also reduce the risk of breast cancer by 80% and completely eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer or cysts! Don’t end up with a litter! Spay or neuter your critter!


Dental Wellness:

The key to long lasting health in both humans and animals begins in the mouth. A healthy set of teeth and gums is a defense system that protects the rest of the animals system. Regular dental cleaning will reduce plaque in the arteries, and prevent mouth pain from slowing down your companion’s life. We have integrated Dental X-ray into our procedures to better ensure any problems are caught earlier. Ask for a dental estimate at your next visit.


In-house Bloodwork:

We’ve got the latest abaxis technology to get fast results in order to catch medication problems, surgical risks, or developing issues before they become a crisis. With a 20-40 minute turn around for blood work, we can get you back on the right track, quickly.


Diagnostic Imaging:

Our Digital X-ray allows for crystal clear x-ray images. Combined with Our Doctor’s medical understanding, we can look into the problem, quite literally. We also have a Sonoscape E1V Ultrasound on sight for pregnancy or bladder exams, and the understanding to maximize it’s effectiveness.


Contagious Disease Ward:

When we built our place we wanted to make sure we had a place and procedure to care for infectious cases. Our isolation ward is located to the rear of the hospital away from the main flow of traffic, and has been outfitted with deep cleaning aparatus and filtered ventilation system. Our staff has been trained in the containment and decontamination of possible infectious materials. In our line of work, Clean is good business. Stop by for a tour and see the wondrous sight of someone or someone(s) cleaning.


Local and Online Pet Pharmacy:

We have many of the pharmaceuticals your animal will likely need on hand. If your pet has a special need we also have an online pharmacy to help you find the best price, and get the right drug and dosing shipped right to your door. At Kokopelli Animal Clinic it’s about making the pathway to healthy pets easier.


The Worst Case Scenario:

When the time comes, we employ a peaceful passing strategy. We give your pet sedatives so that he or she is relaxed and feeling good. We do our best to create a relaxed and private environment for you to make peace with and say goodbyes to your beloved pet. We try to time our procedure to best accommodate the grieving process and allow you the peace you need to part ways.


Our Secret Ingredient:

When dealing with your family, the people make the difference. Our staff is selected based on their empathy and technical skill. We’ve established an internal company culture of respect. Everyone deserves it, we work to remember this philosophy with every interaction. Our intention is to form a personal bond with the pet, and the owner, to better facilitate understanding. Come meet our team today!